All Subject Full Form | Full Form 2020

In this post we are learning about the Full Form of science, Full Form Of MBBS, Full Form Of IAS, Full Form Of GDP, Full Form Of NASA, Full Form Of NGO, Full Form Of WHO, Full Form Of DC, Full Form Of NRI, Full Form Of Chemistry, Full Form Of Physics, Full form of Mathematics, full form of maths, full form of computer.

All Subject Full Form | Full Form 2020

List Of All Subject Full Form

Friends, I is very important to inform you that there is no any specific full form of these. Even so, according to the subject, but the meaning of these letter has been told.

Full Form of Science

  • S – Systematic and
  • C – Comprehensive
  • I – Investigation and
  • E – Exploration of
  • N -Nature’s
  • C -Causes and
  • E -Effect.


The Systematic and Comprehensive Investigation and Exploration of Nature’s Causes and Effects.

  • S :- Science
  • C :- Club
  • I :- Is
  • E :- Essential &
  • N :- Necessary for
  • C :- Continues
  • E :- Evaluation

Full Form Of Chemistry

  • C- Carbon
  • H- Hydrogen
  • E- Elements
  • M- Metals
  • I- Informating
  • S- Sorting
  • T- Testing
  • R- Reacting
  • Y-Yielding

Full Form of Physics

  • P- Positive
  • H- Humble
  • Y-Yonder
  • S- Studious
  • I- Inexperienced
  • C- Communicative
  • S- Scientific


Positive Humble Yonder Studious Inexperienced Communicative Scientific

Full Form Of Mathematics

Full form of mathematics In English, Full of Mathematics is as follows:-

  • M-miracle of nature
  • A-art of arithmetic
  • T-tool of knowledge
  • H-habit of problem solving
  • E-evalution of civilisation
  • M-magic of numbers
  • A-application of rules
  • T-tool of knowledge
  • I-ideas of intellect
  • C-creativity of algebra
  • S-science of learning

Another Full Form of Mathematics:

  • M- Memory
  • A- Accuracy
  • T- Talent
  • H- Hardwork
  • E- Enthusiasm
  • M- Mind
  • A- Attention
  • T- Tact
  • I- Interest
  • C- Cleverness
  • S- Sincerity

Funny Full form of maths in english

  • M – Mental
  • A – Attack
  • T – To
  • H – Healthy
  • S – Students

Full Form Of Maths

  • M – Miracle of nature.
  • A – Art of arithmetic.
  • T – Tool of knowledge.
  • H – Habit of problem-solving.
  • S – Science of learning.

Full Form OF Computer

  • C- Common 
  • O- Operating
  • M- Machine 
  • P- Particularly 
  • U- Used for 
  • T- Technological
  • E-Education
  • R- Research

Computer Units Full Form

  • 4 Bits = 1 Nibble
  • 8 Bits = 1 Byte
  • 1024 Bytes = 1 Kilo Byte ( KB )
  • 1024 KB = 1 Mega Byte ( MB )
  • 1024 MB = 1 Giga Byte ( GB)
  • 1024 GB : 1 Tera Byte (TB)
  • 1024 TB : 1 Peta Byte (PB)
  • 1024 PB : 1 Exa Byte (EB)
  • 1024 EB : 1 Zetta Byte (SB)
  • 1024 ZB : 1 Yotta Byte (TB)

Full Form Of MBBS:

The full form MBBS is "Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery"

Full Form Of IAS

The Full Form IAS is "The Indian Administrative Service"

IAS stands for the executive arm of the All India Services. The IAS is one in every of the three arms of the All India Services together with the Indian Police Service and also the Indian Forest Service by Considering the premier government officials of India.

Full Form Of GDP

The Full Form GDP is "Gross Domestic Product"

GDP stands for the ultimate value of the products and services produced within the geographic boundaries of a country during a specified period of your time, normally a year. GDP rate of growth is a vital indicator of the economic performance of a country.

Full Form Of NASA

The Full Form NASA is "National Aeronautics and Space Administration"

NASA was started on October 1, 1958, as a component of the U.S. government. NASA is responsible of U.S. science and technology that has got to do with airplanes or space.

Full Form Of NGO

Full form NGO is "Non-governmental Organization"

NGO may be a non-profit group that functions independently of any government. NGOs, which sometimes called a civil societies are organized on national, international and community levels to serve a political or social goal like humanitarian causes or the environment.

Full Form Of WHO

Full form WHO is "World Health Organisation"

WHO may be a specialized agency of the world organization that's concerned with international public health.

Full Form Of DC

Full form DC is "Deputy Commissioner"

DC is the head of the revenue administration of an Indian district.

Full Form Of NRI

Full form NRI is "Non Resident Indian"

NRI is an Indian Citizen who resides in India for fewer than 100 & eighty two days during the course of the preceding year.

Full Form Of HR

Full form HR is "Human resources"

Human resources (HR) is the segment of a business that's charged with finding, recruiting, training job applicants, and screening, furthermore as administering employee-benefit programs.

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