What Is Facebook Pixel And How To Add Facebook Pixel To Website?

What is Facebook Pixel?

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel may be a small code that's placed on your website. And as soon as that code is put on your website, that code starts sending all of your information to Facebook. With the assistance of that tiny code, who is coming to your website, what does Facebook show you on your platform, Retargeting Ads?

If you furthermore may have a web site, then you'll also put this straightforward code on your website. You can send all the data to Facebook and you'll be able to retarget your users. Now you need to have understood what Facebook Pixel does? Facebook Pixel may be a small code that appears on your website. And as this code appears on your website, it sends information to Facebook.

How many people came to your website and which pages they visited? What action did they take and did they see any product if they bought a product? All this information goes to Facebook And this Information Facebook uses to indicate Retargeting Ads and to optimize your Ads.

Types of Facebook Pixel Events

Facebook pixel which is split into two way category is the first standard pixel otherwise you may also call it Standard Event. And the other one is Event pixel or Event Specific pixel.

1. Standard pixel

What Standard Pixel does is track all pages of your website and send information to Facebook. Suppose that if you have got 10 pages on your website then what does Standard Pixel do! He sends all the pages of knowledge to Facebook, numerous people have come to the current page. And when such a big amount of people come to the current page, it's called standard Pixel or standard Event.

2. Event Specific Pixel

Event Specific Pixel does Suppose that your website has 15 pages, out of which one page is. Thank You page and after they can come to its page, they fill a form on your site, now as if you've got a landing page on your website. On the page on which a form is made, when someone will fill the shape. So many thanks page will go! So with the Event Specific Pixel, you'll be able to track what number people filled your form. 

And come to your many thanks page! Meaning what proportion lead you have got generated or collected, what is going to happen to us as soon as a form is filled, we'll get a lead!

If you would like us to trace these items separately then you'll try this too. Which are your many thanks page? You can put another Pixel code on that separately. You can call this pixel a lead pixel and it'll tell Facebook.

How many leads did you generate like if you're running any Ads?

On Facebook, you may know by the identical Ads! what number leads have you ever got 5 or 10 or maybe the lead has come to you. Event Specific Pixel which essentially gives information of the specific event to Facebook. Such as Lead, Sale, Purchase, augment Wishlist, Checkout, raise cart, It gives information on these things to Facebook

How to Add Facebook Pixel To Website?

The following are the steps to add Facebook Pixel to the website:
  • To put Facebook Pixel on your website all you've got to try to do is go inside Facebook Ads Manager
  • After that, you've got to click on the ads manager on the left side.
  • Then at the moment, you've got to travel to the event manager and at that time you've got to travel
  • Now inside Facebook Pixel, you have got to click on start
  • Now here you've got to enter the name of your pixel and therefore the URL of your website
  • After this you've got to click on Continue, after this you have got to click on Manually add Pixel Code to website.
  • Then afterward you'll show the code, you have got to repeat this code.
  • And you've got to repeat it and add it within the head section of your website. There are some ways to use this code.
  • You can also add this code to your website by installing a plugin.
I will tell you thru plugins that a way to install this plugin by adding plugins.

How to add Facebook Pixel Code using WordPress Plugins?

The following are the steps to add Facebook Pixel using WordPress Plugins:
  • You have to go to the dashboard of your website so go inside the plugins and you have got to put in a tracking code manager plugins.
  • Activate use after install so you've got to click on Continue using the free version.
  • After this, you click here to make new ones. you've got to click on the choice
  • Now we are going to ask you that name, now give that name, whatever you would like to allow, we are applying this code.
  • That is the quality pixel code, it'll track all the pages of your website, so you name it here by Facebook standard pixel
  • And now you copy the code and paste it into the plugins
  • Now you've got to try to some settings which you'll see during this image setting you have got to try and do the identical as given in it
  • After doing all the settings you have got to click on the Save button
  • And then you have got to travel to Facebook again from where you had copied the code to continue your use and your code will start working.

How to apply Event Specific Pixel code

How to apply Event Specific Pixel code
Now I will be able to tell you the way you'll be able to add the Event Specific Pixel cod. When you return to your Facebook after adding the quality Pixel code to plugins, you may see some options !! From which you have got to pick out one.

Now you have got to click on the items you wish to trace, suppose I click on Lead. After that some code is shown to you, now you have got to repeat that earlier code. And come back to our WordPress plugins, now we'll put this code, we are going to put it on a selected page, now you have got to open the plugins to get the lead. And click on add new tracking code and remember that you simply should first create a page named thanks

Then all you've got to try to do is click on the tracking code and you have got to rename it whatever you would like to call and also the code you copied. You have to stick it here, now you've got to try to some settings which you'll treat looking during this image. After that this code will start working on you !!

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